#100andchange Public Engagement

Kalle Eko, Social Media Associate

When we announced 100&Change last year, we emphasized how committed we were to conducting a fair, open, and transparent competition. We welcomed applications from organizations working in any field, any sector, anywhere in the world. All we asked of organizations was that they identify the problem they hoped to solve and the proposed solution.

We received over 1900 proposals in highly diverse fields of endeavor, which were narrowed to eight semi-finalists, bold proposals that showed promise to be meaningful, verifiable, durable, and feasible.

The semi-finalists have been actively engaging communities of interest to gain feedback on their proposals and sharing updates throughout the competition on our 100&Change Perspectives blog. We are pleased to announce a series of opportunities for the broader public to directly engage with semi-finalists. They want to field your questions on social media, hear your feedback, and engage via platforms like reddit and Facebook. These digital engagement opportunities will allow the public to learn more about each proposal and how they aim to create meaningful and durable change.

What questions do you have for representatives from each of the semi-finalists? What would you like to know about their proposals that you haven’t discovered yet? What feedback do you have? Do you have suggestions for further improving the proposals?

HarvestPlus will host a reddit AMA at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 22, followed by a Facebook Live with the Human Diagnosis Project on the week of June 5. Check out the schedule for all of the digital engagement opportunities, and add to the vibrant, ongoing conversation about 100&Change proposals on social media using the hashtag #100andchange.

This post was first published on the MacArthur Foundation website.

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