15 Chicago Arts Groups Receive Grants for International Collaborations

“The annual International Connections Fund enables some of Chicago’s diverse and vibrant arts groups to innovate and reach new global audiences. Many of these artistic partnerships also engage Chicago youth, connecting them to other cultures and expanding their horizons.” — MacArthur President Julia Stasch

This week MacArthur announced grants to 15 Chicago arts and culture organizations for diverse artistic exchanges in 14 countries, including China, Mali, Mexico, Pakistan, and Poland. Our International Connections Fund began in 2008 to enable Chicago arts organizations to launch new partnerships and creative projects with cultural organizations in other countries. Since then, we’ve awarded more than 100 of these grants totaling $4.8 million.

Scroll through these videos to learn more about these nonprofits, learn more about all of the exchanges here and explore our #ChicagoCommitment on Twitter.

Chicago Film Archives — $50,000 to create cultural hybrid works of media through an exchange of archival footage with a film archive in Italy and the commissioning of two artists from each country to produce an original silent video piece with footage from the partner country, scored by local musicians, and screened and discussed in each country.
Chicago West Community Music Center — $50,000 for an exchange with Shanghai, China to teach Chinese musicians about music from Chicago and for Chicago musicians to learn about the traditional music of Shanghai that can be shared through music lessons to youth from low-income families.
Deeply Rooted Productions — $50,000 for a contemporary dance exchange with South Africa and Bulgaria to create new work inspired by South African healing rituals called “indumba” and to share the work with American and Bulgarian artists and audiences.
DuSable Museum of African American History — $50,000 for an exchange with the Jewish Historical Museum in Holland to showcase a play that highlights the lives of Anne Frank and Emmett Till and the common challenge of injustice.
Hyde Park Jazz Festival — $35,000 for a music exchange with Mali to collaborate and premiere new music that interweaves the sounds of Chicago modern jazz with the traditional griot music of Mali.
Mordine & Company Dance Theatre — $50,000 for a dance and cultural exchange with Delhi, India, that will allow three choreographers to share the styles and techniques of each, offer dance workshops, and create new work.
Northwestern Settlement — $25,000 for an artistic exchange with the National Theatre of Scotland, which has commissioned the Settlement’s Adventure Stage Chicago theatre program to create new work on the theme of “home” to be performed in Scotland and in Chicago for students in Chicago Public Schools.
Red Clay Dance Company — $40,000 for an exchange with a contemporary dance company in Kampala, Uganda, to collaborate on teaching, town hall discussions, and new work that will be performed in each country.
Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center — $50,000 for an exchange with a Puerto Rican theatre company to produce carnival-style processions featuring teen artists in San Juan and Chicago.
The Seldoms — $50,000 to collaborate with visual artists in Scotland to explore and translate the compositional process of visual art and dance, and lay the groundwork for a new multimedia performance piece.

We support creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. ⚖🌿☮🌎

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