$21 Million to Support a Stronger, More Diverse Nuclear Field

Grants to 28 organizations for our nuclear capstone project will cultivate diversity in the field, challenge nuclear deterrence theory, lead at the nexus of climate and nuclear issues, and support key organizations.

MacArthur today announced $21.3 million in grants to 28 organizations as part of its Nuclear Challenges capstone project to foster a stronger, more diverse nuclear field and exit the field responsibly.

MacArthur’s nuclear capstone focuses on four areas of work: encouraging a diverse pipeline of talent in the nuclear field, challenging nuclear deterrence theory, providing leadership around the intersection of nuclear and climate issues, and supporting key organizations in the nuclear field.

“These grants represent our hopes that the nuclear field will continue to grow and evolve in ways that make it stronger and more effective,” said Valerie Chang, MacArthur’s Managing Director of Programs. “We firmly believe that the areas of work touched by our capstone are fundamental to success in reducing nuclear threats in the decades ahead.”

MacArthur announced in February 2021 that the Foundation would shift away from the Nuclear Challenges program strategy and implement a capstone project. At the conclusion of the capstone grants in 2023, MacArthur will exit the nuclear field.

Explore the full list of grantees.

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