$25 Million Toward an Equitable Recovery

  • The Crossroads Fund: $500,000 to support the Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund to support community organizing that prioritize Black leadership and/or addresses anti-Blackness using a racial, social, and economic justice lens.
  • Cultural Survival: $250,000 for COVID-19 relief to Indigenous communities through urgent, community-centered projects that help Indigenous partners respond to the crisis in their local communities, using Indigenous, place-based solutions.
  • Amalgamated Foundation: $3 million to support The Democracy Frontlines Fund, a donor advised fund, to support 10 organizations for Black-led community organizing efforts in response to the United States’ pervasive racial injustice.
  • Native Voices Rising: $250,000 for COVID-19 relief to Indigenous communities and to amplify Native voices who are elevating Indigenous solutions to historic harms and society’s most pressing issues.
  • The NDN Collective: $3 million to support the self-determination of Indigenous peoples, including efforts to improve the underlying conditions contributing to poor health outcomes from COVID-19 in Native American communities.
  • $3 million to support a pooled fund to catalyze economic growth, mitigate the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19, and address the racial inequities amplified by the pandemic in the Chicago region.



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