Advancing Equity and Justice in the Governance of Technology

Data That Exacerbates Inequity

Digital technology’s rapidly evolving capacity to access and analyze massive amounts of data has made it attractive for government agencies and corporations to crunch that data and try to predict behavior and outcomes, Yu said.

Sharing Research to Address Injustice

Upturn’s research and analysis of technology, its implications, and the laws and policies regulating it enable the organization to shed light on inherent risks and injustices. Upturn shares its research and analyses with civil rights groups, activists, and advocates working to push for changes in the use of technology and address those underlying social injustices.

Local Focus Brings Change

A computer scientist, Yu started the effort that would become Upturn in 2011 with a lawyer, David Robinson. In the early years of the organization, they worked with civil rights and racial justice groups on the implications of emerging technology such as predictive policing, which uses data to predict if crime will occur in specific areas or if certain individuals likely will be perpetrators or victims.



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