Co-Creating our Equitable Recovery Grantmaking

Members of Black Youth Project 100, an organization of Black youth activists creating justice and freedom for all Black people (photo: Christopher Brown).

Co-Creating Our Grantmaking Approach

External advisors have been meeting with us at least monthly, providing critical input on the possible uses of bond proceeds. Our participatory process allowed ample time to get to know each other, begin to build trust and a sense of unity of purpose, establish group norms for working together, and set expectations regarding the external advisors’ decision-making role. Their input was critical in helping us focus and avoid spreading funds too thinly, one of our key guiding principles.

Our Resulting Grantmaking Approach

Advancing Racial and Ethnic Justice is the overarching theme that guides our Equitable Recovery grantmaking. Remaining bond proceeds will support grants in four areas:

  • Racial Justice Field Support, with a focus on combatting anti-Blackness;
  • Self-determination of Indigenous Peoples;
  • Public Health Equity and COVID-19 Mitigation; and an
  • Equitable Housing Demonstration Project.

Early Lessons

We aim to learn from our experience and continually refine our approach. With our external advisors, we identified Creative Research Solutions and Become as our evaluation and learning partners to measure and report on our progress. We pledge to publicly share the results of this evaluation when it is completed.



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