Community-based Conservation and Sustainable Development from the People of Mira River Basin

The Ecuador-Colombia binational Mira-Mataje River Basin is home to Afro-descendant and mixed ethnic background communities, along with five indigenous nations, making the region a place that is not only tremendously biodiverse but also incredibly rich in sociocultural wealth. Over 18 months, public institutions, local organizations, public officials, scientists, farmers, fishers, and local and community organization representatives participated in stakeholder forums, facilitated by World Wildlife Fund, to define 11 indicators linked to four main subjects (Water, Biodiversity, Climate Interaction, and Governance and Living Conditions) and create a plan to work together to conserve the basins.

Here are five video stories about community-based conservation and sustainable developed from the people of the Mira river basin. This is a collaborative effort with Altropico and Ecolex:

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