Created With and Led by the Global Medical Community

Dr. Seiji Hayashi, Director of Medicine, Human Dx

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What makes the Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) different from other efforts in health care is that we are created with and led by the global medical community. Human Dx isn’t just building an institution: we’re enabling a movement.

To date, this movement already includes thousands of doctors from more than 60 countries, 40 medical specialties, and hundreds of leading institutions who have come together to build the world’s online medical system.

We’re now bringing in America’s leading medical societies, boards, academic centers, community centers, and health systems to bring this online system to those who need it most: the 30 million uninsured in our country that could nearly double with impending changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Human Diagnosis Project, Providing virtual access to specialist medical care for underserved U.S. patients

Over the coming months, we are collaboratively creating, testing, and building this critical solution with our partners to ensure that Human Dx is:


  1. Listening to patients and doctors to understand how critical access to specialist expertise is for them.


  1. Co-authoring scientific abstracts and papers with leading academic institutions on the effectiveness and value of Human Dx.


  1. Partnering with safety net clinics to rapidly develop and deploy Human Dx with physicians caring for the underserved.


  1. Embedding Human Dx within existing safety net workflow to strengthen system capacity and improve access to specialists.

As a society, we now have the ability and responsibility to provide care to millions of underserved people. Join us in building a more inclusive, comprehensive, and open future for medicine.

This post was first published on the MacArthur Foundation website.

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