Creating Our Future Communities

Tara Magner, Director, Chicago Commitment

After serving for four years each as external advisors to the Chicago Commitment team, Ghian Foreman and Maria Gaspar will rotate out of their roles in August 2022. External advisors represent different fields and areas of experience to advise us on our strategy and implementation of our work. We invited Foreman and Gaspar to share their reflections on serving in the role of external advisors to our team.

Ghian Foreman, President & CEO, Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative; President of the Chicago Police Board

This role of external advisor has been a great experience for me. I have been able to get a perspective of the philanthropic world, while simultaneously sharing my perspective of working in community. Our worlds have co-dependencies and spending this time as an external advisor has made that really clear for me.

Maria Gaspar, Interdisciplinary artist; Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

As an artist, I often think about the role of intimacy when working with groups of people and the potential for transformation. To imagine, dream, and think up new ideas is in itself an act of faith. Not knowing is a process that requires trust and vulnerability — something I engage in my art practice and teaching, especially when it means collaborating with others. The experience of serving as an external advisor to the Chicago Commitment team embodied these ideas and processes for me, and it allowed me to think more expansively about how one’s contributions can be part of a larger initiative. Scale and possibility know no limits and the potential for intimacy and care can happen at any moment.



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