Growing Resilience

  • Ten million more people are eating biofortified foods in Africa than were doing so five years ago.
  • Nine African countries adopted the biofortification concept in their policies and programs during that time, thanks to HarvestPlus leadership.
  • In Nigeria alone, 1.6 million more households are growing biofortified crops, a staggering 511 percent increase since 2017.

Scaling Back to Scale Up

The funding came at a crucial point in HarvestPlus’s history. Founded in 2003 as a program within the CGIAR global agricultural research partnership, its development and promotion of biofortified food crops rich in vitamins and minerals had remained untested on a large scale. In its early years, Baral said, HarvestPlus was primarily a research entity trying to evolve into a more influential implementing organization by working with smallholder farmers, rural households, and small- and medium-sized enterprises. The goal was full integration of biofortified crops and foods into food systems across Africa and other continents.

‘It Could Change Everything’

Five years after she received the news that would take HarvestPlus on a momentous, unexpected journey, Kamau-Biruri continues to participate in 100&Change, but her role has evolved.



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