How Would You Change the World?

In April, we launched the second round of 100&Change, our global $100 million competition to help solve a critical social challenge. 100&Change is open to organizations and collaborations working in any field, anywhere in the world.

People have shared with us on our Facebook page what social challenge they would address with $100 million.

Check out a small selection of people’s ideas below. Note that the list below does not indicate any kind of Foundation endorsement of these ideas. Which ideas excite or interest you? What challenge would you tackle with $100 million? Share your thoughts with us on social media using the hashtag #100andChange.

And remember you have until 11 AM Central Time tomorrow, July 16 to register for the competition. Register at

Applications are accepted through August 6.

“Invest in education.”–Sumaira Khan

“Make all the water resources (rivers; streams; lakes; ponds; seas and oceans) free from solid wastes (plastics; bottles; etc) so all the water resources can be useful for all living creatures including man.”–Meena Sangma

“The world must rise up and fight corruption, drug addiction and illiteracy at all cost.”–Kabiru Inuwa Koki

“Poverty elimination.”–Suni Dague-Mannion

“Redevelop Puerto Rico to use 100% renewable energy sources and model of sustainable life in this time of more intense storms.”–Amy E. Freeman

“Fix Flint, help Flint, lift up Flint. Or any other small city anywhere in the world that’s gone through similar devastating decline. Using infrastructure overhaul, re-education, investment in startups.”–Sky Andreasson

“I would open up a computer programming school in Mexico and I would allow kids to pursue degrees in coding before they enter high school.”–Dallas Gainey

“Work with municipal government; fix roads, parks, schools and bridges; or invest in drug rehabilitation where needed in El Salvador.”–Eddie Martinez

“I’d put it into free education or housing and resources for single mothers and their families. But it should be tackled at the structural level, so there should be a policy component.”–Susan Puetz

“Start affordable housing initiatives!”–Norene Dillard Blackwell

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We support creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. ⚖🌿☮🌎

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