Seven Quotes from MacArthur Fellows on World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day, so we’re highlighting a few MacArthur Fellows who have produced creative and distinctive work in the world of photography.

Here are some quotes from them about how they see their craft, what motivates their work, and more. You can browse all 1000+ MacArthur Fellows on our website. You can also test your knowledge of the MacArthur Fellows by taking our Fellows Quiz.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

“I’m trying to get to the heart of a story, and it’s often in war zones. But I’m also looking for beauty, which confuses people. But in my experience, a tough image turns people away, and I want to do the opposite.”–Lynsey Addario

We all expect photographs to be pictures of something. We assume that the photographer observed a place, a person, an event in the world and wanted to record it…The problem with my work is that these images are really not of anything in that sense, they register only that which is incidental.”–Uta Barth

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