Making Chicago Media More Inclusive and Diverse

Jack Fuller Legacy Initiative grantees, Free Spirit Media, City Bureau, and Chicago Public Media’s Vocalo support more inclusive narratives by training and equipping people to tell their own stories.

The air crackled with anticipation as more than a hundred young people and community members filed into a downtown theater on a snowy January afternoon. But it was not for the latest Hollywood thriller or superhero fantasy.

Free Spirit Media journalist Patricia Joyner conducts an interview with subject for a story.

Opening Doors

While breaking a big story is a thrill, the priority for the community-focused groups is bringing more perspectives to the media landscape. The leaders of these organizations say they are laser-focused on looking beyond mainstream coverage of crime, gangs, and poverty and creating opportunities for young people to show leadership and offer a fuller, more nuanced portrait of their neighborhoods.

Free Spirit Media film screening panel

New Type of Journalism

Across town, an overflowing crowd convened at the Harold Washington Library Center in January to learn about City Bureau’s Documenters project.

City Bureau reporters in action



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