Nuclear Challenges Capstone’s Final Grantees

MacArthur Foundation
2 min readAug 17, 2022

Our Nuclear Challenges program has made $5 million in final capstone grants. The 12 new grants will build on the 28 capstone grants announced previously by cultivating diversity, leading at the nexus of nuclear and climate risks, and preserving support for critical work in the nuclear field. In total, the Nuclear Challenges capstone has invested over $30 million towards building a stronger, more diverse nuclear field from 2020–2023.

At the conclusion of the capstone grants, MacArthur will exit the nuclear field.

Cultivate Diversity and Inclusion

Nine organizations will receive grants to cultivate diversity and empower new voices and underrepresented communities in the nuclear field. These grant recipients are:

Lead at the Nexus of Nuclear and Climate Risks

Partnership for Global Security will receive a grant to show leadership on the nuclear-climate nexus. The Partnership for Global Security will continue its work at the intersection of security, technology, and commercial issues to ensure that the expansion of nuclear power as a climate solution does not exacerbate risks posed by nuclear weapons, materials, or technologies.

Preserve Support for Critical Work

International Crisis Group and N Square via the New Venture Fund will receive grants to help ensure trusted and effective organizations remain in the field at this challenging moment and into the future.



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