Raising Rural Voices

Young, Credible Storytelling

Established in 1988, AMI is a youth-oriented division of Appalshop, a Kentucky-based arts education organization with more than 50 years of experience developing regional storytelling that defies outside stereotypes.

‘My Own Biases’

Empowering rural community members to tell their stories in film also helps challenge the stereotypes about life outside big cities. That vision inspired the founding of the Southern Documentary Fund (SDF) in 2002. SDF has supported more than 200 independent documentaries through grants and fiscal sponsorships.

Help With Distribution

Rural communities also are also being increasingly seen as important venues for exploring social change. Working Films, based in North Carolina, supports documentaries that perform that function, part of the organization’s effort to start community dialogues.

Expansion Plans

Looking to the future, AMI, SDF, and Working Films plan to continue expanding their work.

Editor’s Note

Floods that struck eastern Kentucky in July and August of 2022 caused heavy losses of materials and severely damaged buildings of Appalshop based in Whitesburg, Kentucky.



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