Reflections on Community, Collaboration, and Justice

Across all our areas of work, our Program Directors reflected on how we seek to center individuals and communities who are most impacted by challenges and follow their lead in identifying solutions.

Tara Magner, Director of Chicago Commitment, shares insights on institutional support grants and why investing in the financial resiliency of organizations helps create a more inclusive Chicago.

Jorgen Thomsen, Director of Climate Solutions, discusses the awareness, consultation, and planning needed to ensure the transition to a clean energy economy and how it benefits individuals and communities who are most harmed by climate change.

Laurie Garduque, Director of Criminal Justice, shares the way community has shaped reforms to reduce the use of jails and included multiple perspectives.

Debra Schwartz, Managing Director of Impact Investments, discusses the need to elevate leadership committed to justice as we invest in climate solutions.

Kathy Im, Director of Journalism and Media, discusses the work to counter dis- and misinformation and support inclusive news and narratives for a well-informed public.

Marlies Carruth, Director of MacArthur Fellows, discusses the participatory-by-design practice the Fellows program embodies and the importance of collaboration and trust in inspiring creativity.

Theo Kalionzes and Angela Schlater, Senior Program Officers of Nuclear Challenges, discuss our capstone grants and engagement with the nuclear field as we wind down the Big Bet.

Kole Shettima and Erin Sines, Co-Directors of On Nigeria, discuss community collaboration and priorities for inclusion of gender and disability in anti-corruption work in Nigeria.

Eric Sears, Associate Director of Technology in the Public Interest, discusses the need for affirmative visions of technology, rooted in equity and justice, as technology reshapes how we live and engage with communities.



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