Social Media Reacts to the 2019 MacArthur Fellows

This week we announced the 2019 MacArthur Fellows, 26 extraordinary individuals using creativity to take a new look at old problems, spur reflection, create new knowledge, and make the world better:

Read about some of the 2019 MacArthur Fellows who captured the imagination of our President John Palfrey:

And check out our wrap-up of how people reacted to the announcement, including the 2019 MacArthur Fellows, past Fellows, and (a small part of) the rest of the Internet.

What the 2019 Fellows had to say:

Via Jeffrey Gibson: It’s been a tough few weeks to keep this to myself but I am honored to be a 2019 MacArthur Foundation Fellow. It is a humbling acknowledgment of my work as an artist and I have so many to thank for their support over the years. I will reach out in the coming days to say thank you. For now I will say thank you to my husband Rune Olsen @spymord for his amazing support of myself and our family. More soon ❤️

What some past MacArthur Fellows had to say:

A small sample of how the rest of the Internet reacted to the announcement:

Via lisabastoni:
OMG!!! Lynda Barry got a MacArthur grant!!! She is my hero. If we’ve ever talked about writing or songs or art, you know this already. I don’t know her personally but I am so freaking happy for her. .
This little shelf is directly above my kitchen table where I work. This is my hopefully-not-too-creepy portrait of Lynda, next to my grandpa photo, some tiny fake succulents in tiny fake Margaret Kilgallen pots, and that Campbell’s soup mug I like too much to drink out of. All of these things give me so much creative inspiration — most especially Lynda & her teachings. Can’t tell you how happy I am to see her celebrated in this big way! Woo Hoo!! Rock On! 💗💗💗
shannonjacksonucb: Celebrating my friend and colleague Walter Hood who won a much-deserved MacArthur genius award today. Here we are at a July dinner in my new home with previous MacArthur winner Rick Lowe. I wonder which of my past (or future) dinner guests will be next? 😉
Via octoguitar: Congratulations to the fantastic Mary Halvorson for winning a @macfound MacArthur « Genius » grant. Her music — if you haven’t listened — is absolutely amazing, pushing boundaries of what jazz is and sounds like. I am so happy she is getting this recognition! A good day for Jazz 😎🎸
Via kshins: Thrilled for OG genius @mel.chin, who took me to record the heartbeats of Bronx residents in ’04 when I was a wee pup at @art21, and who I have continued to learn from ever since. We’ve known you’re a lifelong genius but nice that @macfound is finally catching up to you, friend. (high fives too to @mirandailash who did yeoman’s work in organizing his seminal traveling survey REMATCH and to @lmelandri for believing in this work and bringing it to @camstl.)

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